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Meet Charle & Kelli Lowe's


We are Charles and Kelli Lowe Owner/Operators of Ryder Security LLC.  Ryder Security LLC provides physical security, consulting, and management for any project with attention to detail on being professional, service orientated, and a high level of integrity.  What sets Ryder Security LLC apart from other companies are the 23 years of law enforcement/security experience, state certified trainer/academy instructor, also the relentless seeking of obtaining the best employee for the clients we serve. 


In July of 2015 Charles Lowe the CEO of Ryder Security LLC, was shot in the line of duty during an ambush. Charles Lowe survived and became extremely focused on doing things different and the importance of his family.  


If we had to describe Ryder Security LLC in three words regarding the culture of the work environment it would professional, family orientated, and character.


Ryder Security LLC is always looking for new opportunities to serve our clients and employees better, give us a call/email from the information listed below and let’s work together.

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